entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial culture, organisational culture, entrepreneurial competencies, entrepreneurial talents


This paper has the objective of creating a framework for a different cultural dimension of corporate entrepreneurship leading to corporate entrepreneurial culture (CEC). The analysis of CEC is based on a review of existing concepts of organisational culture and entrepreneurship. They are combined to create a framework of CEC, including macro- and microlevels and examples of subcultures. Core ideas of the framework are validated by qualitative interviews with ten experts. The identified organisational category of the CEC framework is defined by the levels of micro-cultures or subcultures and includes the upper levels of the hierarchy, including the industry level. Geographic categories such as regional or national culture are also part of the system. The individual category of the CEC framework is characterised by competencies (including aspects such as motivation, creativity, mobilising others, coping with uncertainty, teamwork and social competencies) and entrepreneurial personalities. The results of the interviews show the importance of these individual competencies for a lively CEC. The different levels, such as national and professional cultures, as a dimension of the organisational category of the framework are also confirmed by the interviews. The findings indicate that the individual category of CEC could be used for job satisfaction or engagement and the degree of CEC of an organisation could be defined and developed by the organisational category. The identified framework contributes to an understanding of this complex topic and supports companies in the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas in different organisational contexts.


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Author Biographies

Thomas Breyer-Mayländer, Offenburg University, Offenburg, Germany

Thomas Breyer-Mayländer, Prof. Dr.

Affiliation: Faculty of Media, Professor, Offenburg University, Badstr. 24, 77652 Offenburg, Germany,


Prof. Dr. Thomas Breyer-Mayländer holds diplomas in Industrial Engineering and Information Science. He earned his doctorate at the Institute for Journalism at the University of Dortmund. After working for several years as a consultant at the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV), Bonn, and as Managing Director of the Newspaper Marketing Company (ZMG), Frankfurt/Main), he moved to Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in 2001 as Professor of Media Management.

Christopher Zerres, Offenburg University

Christopher Zerres, Prof. Dr.

Affiliation: Faculty of Media, Professor, Offenburg University, Badstr. 24, 77652 Offenburg, Germany,


Christopher Zerres is a Professor of Marketing at the Offenburg University in Germany. He holds a PhD from the University of Kassel. His main research interests are digital Marketing, Marketing performance and Entrepreneurship.




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Breyer-Mayländer, T., & Zerres, C. (2022). AN APPROACH TO THE PHENOMENON OF CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, 10(2), 1–23.